Nicolas Eglau to leave RTL Nederland after seven-year stint

On Thursday 9 July, RTL Nederland announced the departure of Ventures Director, Nicolas Eglau, who has held various positions in the company in the past seven years. Amongst other things, Eglau was the brains behind the digital theme channels RTL Lounge and RTL Crime, and the investment arm RTL Ventures – which produced seven ventures. Eglau will be leaving RTL Nederland at the end of July to start a new job abroad.

Bert Habets, CEO RTL Nederland: “Nicolas profiled himself at RTL Nederland as an entrepreneur par excellence and a true all-rounder. With his keen eye for opportunity-rich start-ups in the Dutch consumer market, he expanded our portfolio in just seven years by adding new Pay-TV channels and launching seven ventures. Nicolas and his teams took the first steps for RTL in the B2C market, where we now operate on a broad scale with VOD and other digital activities. We are going to miss his inquisitive disposition, his drive, and his ability to think out of the box. We are determined to build on his good work.”

Nicolas Eglau: “I spent seven wonderful years at RTL Nederland. I feel privileged to have been part of its transformation from a broadcasting channel to an all-round media & entertainment company. I am very grateful to Bert Habets for the opportunities he gave me to build new businesses and make them thrive. He placed his trust in me and gave me the freedom to embark on new ventures and bring new ideas and opportunities to fruition together with an exceptionally strong team – from new linear digital TV channels, such as RTL Lounge and RTL Crime, to disruptive online activities, such as Couverts, Pepper, Squla and Reclamefolder. One thing is certain, I will really miss my friends and colleagues at RTL Nederland.”

The facts

Personal career

  • March 2008: Nicolas Eglau appointed Manager of Strategy & Business Development
  • December 2010: Nicolas Eglau appointed Ventures Director, with a seat on the Executive Board of RTL Nederland

Milestones Pay-TV channel

  • October 2009: Launch of Pay-TV channel RTL Lounge
  • September 2011: Launch of Pay-TV channel RTL Crime

Milestones RTL Ventures

  • July 2010: 100% takeover of restaurant reservation platform Couverts
  • February 2011: Launch of mobile content provider Sizz, a joint venture with Vodafone
  • April 2011: Launch of online dating platform Pepper
  • August 2012: Launch of fashion e-commerce platform Miinto Benelux (shareholding: 37.5%)
  • April 2013: RTL Ventures invests in e-learning platform Squla (shareholding: 37.3%)
  • December 2013: RTL Ventures invests in e-health platform Dutch Learning Company (DLC) (shareholding: 80.3%)
  • April 2014: RTL Ventures sells holding in Sizz to Vodafone
  • January 2015: RTL Ventures 100% takeover of restaurant platform Dinnersite by Couverts
  • March 2015: RTL Ventures announces investment in mobile pamphlet platform Reclamefolder (shareholding: 34.8%)