RTL Ventures takes a majority holding in Dutch Leaning Company

The investment division of RTL Nederland takes a majority stake in the online course provider Dutch Learning Company (DLC). RTL Ventures will announce today that it has increased its shareholding in DLC, the founder of the largest online first-aid course in the Netherlands, iedereenEHBO, from 37.3% to 79%.

Nicolas Eglau, Managing Director Ventures at RTL Nederland: “E-learning and e-health are two growth markets to which we direct a significant part of our attention. DLC brings these two worlds together in an innovative manner. Our investment will be used to accelerate the further growth of the company. The focus is thereby on the development of products for both the business and the consumer market.”

With this new step for the company, founder and entrepreneur Eugène Kuipers will be leaving Dutch Learning Company. He explains: “I am a serial entrepreneur at heart. I jump in wherever I see opportunities. In only three years, DLC has grown from a distinctive concept to the largest online provider of first-aid courses in the Netherlands. Just like the company, I’m now ready for the next step.”  

Kuipers will, however, remain one of the shareholders. He will be temporarily succeeded by Frank Meijer, the former manager the mobile content provider Sizz.


  • RTL Ventures first took an interest in DLC in December 2013.
  • The Dutch Learning Company (DLC) was the founder of the first, and in the meantime the largest, online provider of first-aid courses in the Netherlands, iedereenEHBO.
  • DLC provides first-aid courses following the principle of blended learning: the theory can be studied at home via e-learning, after which the practical knowledge can be gained in one of the 200 course locations throughout the Netherlands.
  • The first-aid course for children from iedereenEHBO is certified by the Red Cross.
  • The course fees are fully or partially reimbursed by many insurance companies in the Netherlands.
  • The number of course participants has increased by 252% for the year to date compared to 2013.
  • Founder Eugène Kuipers and co-founder Jos Collignon remain involved as shareholders. CTO Jos Collignon remains as part of the management team at DLC. Eugène Kuipers will temporarily remain involved in DLC as a consultant.
  • DLC is a Deloitte Fast500 growth company.
  • On the 21 October, Bertelsmann, the parent company of RTL, also announced a move into e-health through the takeover of the American e-health provider Relias Learning.


Nicolas Eglau, Managing Director Ventures at RTL Nederland, continues: “We see lots of opportunities for the further growth of DLC in the consumer market. At 3%, the level of first-aid knowledge in the Netherlands is still impressively low, while the self-reliance of the consumer with regard to first aid is becoming increasingly important. Help and looking after your own good health are familiar themes at RTL. Together with DLC, we want to also place the subject of first-aid firmly on the map. Besides this, e-health is an important subject within the RTL Group and Bertelsmann. A great deal of know-how about the further development of this market can therefore also be shared at the international level.”

Nicolas Eglau: “I would like to thank Eugène Kuipers for his entrepreneurship and passion over the past six years. He saw a great opportunity at a very early stage, and founded a fantastic company that is now ready for the next phase.”

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